The history of Mapungupwe illustrates this. The true history of Mapungupwe was silenced by the Apartheid Government for fifty years. To keep the Apartheid Government of white supremacy going, it was important to keep the high standard of civilisation of Mapungupwe a secret. Mapungupwe, “The hills of the Jackals” is an area in Limpopo where S.A, Botswana and Zimbabwe meet.

Evidence of the earliest mining activities in the world were found there and it has been declared a world heritage site. The well-known gold Rhinoceros was excavated by archeologists at Mapungupwe. The coin embossings illustrate monetary exchange and the value of money. It is ironic that the rhinoceros is one of the most endangered species in the world.

Rhino horn are at this moment in time more valuable than gold. Many of the East Block countries use rhino horn for the so called traditional medicine. Coins of Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malaysia are used in the drawing. Only the Malaysian coin is still in use as currency. The value of money and the image on the coins are history in the making.